How to Choose a Golf Bag : Three Golden Rules to Choose

The ideal golf bag for your practice of this sports is chosen according to several criteria. First of all, your use of the bag, but also its maneuverability, its weight and of course the storage spaces offered. Here is an advise for you by which you will understand how to choose a golf bag model that suits you best.


You must, first of all, define what is the use of your golf bag in order to choose the most appropriate model. Indeed, there are three types of bags that are used under different conditions. The sheath bag, for example, is the most minimalist golf bag that exists. It is limited in terms of storage but has the great advantage of being very space-saving. If you move often, this is the bag you need. Going on a weekend or traveling longer with your golf bag becomes possible without any problem of place.

Moreover, it is light to wear and therefore becomes an ideal ally for those who do not want to bear a heavy weight. The cart bag is a very large model. It is therefore the heaviest and most bulky bag, but it has several valuable advantages. It is placed on a trolley which allows to make it roll easily and it is endowed with a large number of tidying up to make sure to have access to all its material simply. This is the golf bag model adapted to golfers who practice competitions.

Portable bags are a good in-between. Indeed, they are equipped with a double strap in order to carry them easily but also of a tripod to put them on earth. They may also, optionally, be placed directly on a carriage . It is therefore an easily transportable golf bag that contains a series of practical storage.

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You have to check out what types of storage are offered by the different golf bags. Some of these storage are essential, such as the multi-compartment, for example. This is where you can store your irons and thus find them easily when you are on your route. It is also a great way to protect them and avoid shocks. It is also important to have a specific place for your putter . Your putter range must be located in an accessible location. Make sure your golf bag has a bandolier tees , so convenient to not have to needlessly get her things.

Finally, other pockets of your golf bag make your life as the umbrella holder, a pocket dedicated to your rain outfit but an insulated bag to keep cool your drinks. Think of the other functions you will need when playing golf to make sure you get the right bag for your game.


Sheath bag, laptop bag or trolley bag must have two common points. They must, first of all, be light. Of course, the weight of a trolley bag will always be greater than a sheath bag, but it is compensated by the fact that it rolls. So, depending on your size and your possibilities, you must choose the one that you can transport most easily without tiring yourself. Your bag should never be an indebtedness to you. Its purpose is to make your life easier without unnecessarily encumbering you.

Before purchasing, you can test the different models in order to understand their differences and to find the one that suits you best. Finally, the ideal is, if you usually play on the same course but you travel from time to time, plan two different models of golf bags.


Choosing a right golf bag is not an easy task. There is a lot of golf bags and models available in the markets. So its a difficult to make the right choice. My friend Zach has made a list of top 10 most selling golf bags of 2017 on You can see the list if you want.

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